Los Bateles beach

Urban beach with light and golden sand of almost one km of length, where Rio Salado flows into. It has a wonderful Paseo Maritimo (promenade). It is properly equipped.

Castilnovo Beach

It is a continuation of Los Bateles, before to El Palmar, where you can see Catilnovo Tower. It has low occupation and it is usual nudism practice.

La Fontanilla Beach

Long beach of almost 2 km with light and golden sand and crystalline water. It connects with Bateles Beach. It is properly equipped.

Camacho, el Sudario, Pitones and Melchor coves

Their access isn´t easy and they aren´t properly equipped. It is usual nudism practice.

Roche o Poniente coves

They are small coves with easy access, with extraordinary beauty and nudism practice. They have big cliffs with ochre colour which contrast with blue sea and green eucalyptus.

Roche Beach

It connects with Barrosa Beach with lenght of 1,5 Km, from Puerco tower until Roche urbanization. It is an unspoilt beach with light and golden sand, and cliffs.

El Palmar Beach

Large beach with almost 8 km, light and golden sand, and crystalline water with good swell to practice surf or windsurf. It is properly equipped.

Los Caños Beach

Urban beach with light and golden sand with a wonderful landscape, between Trafalgar lighthouse and cliffs and pine forest. It is usual nudism, windsurf and scuba diving practice.

Zahora and Mangueta Beach

It is a beautiful beach with wonderful landscape, light and golden sand. It extends from El Palmar until Cabo de Trafalgar. It has services and equipment. It is usual scuba diving practice.